Sunday, April 1, 2012

Next Season

Ok, lets get fucking serious now. If this team ever wants to get back into the race for the cup, they need to get rid of some of the trash. There are a few players who need to go because they suck, and a few because of their attitude.

1. Getzlaf - Great player, horrid attitude.
2. Corey Perry - decent player, gets down on himself and under preforms.
3. Beleskey - Fucking blows.

They spend so much money on players 1 and 2, yet they continue to under preform.


  1. I sort of like Corey Perry, think he'd be pretty good if he didn't get so caught up in his issues.

  2. i live so close but i never go watch them!

  3. getzlaf's attitude is what we all love. thanks for following! will read regularly

    1. Sometimes his attitude is what gets the team going, but when he gives up and starts throwing the game out the window, is when i can't stand him.

  4. attitude shouldn't matter if he's a good player