Thursday, April 5, 2012

A couple gems. Hip-hop

First and foremost, i think its most important to state that i was never really into Hip-Hop and rap, growing up. In fact, i despised it. The mainstream made it look stereotypical and repetitive. Let it be known that hip-hop, is in fact a lifestyle in itself. It's not entirely about the music, but also graffiti, break dancing, the struggle of the lower middle class and feeling a part of something.

Over the past 3 years, i have been exploring this genre. Its as vast as the genres of metal that i grew up on, and cover just as much ground... from political stance to social issues, etc etc.

These are a couple notable artists for me, aside from the guys that initial got the ball rolling for me (Sage Francis, Atmosphere, Murs, Sole, Doseone... etc)

Afu-Ra didn't really make it prime time, but his collaborations with DJ Premier and Guru would get any hip-hop head to give him a shot.

Lastly, Masta Ace has been hard at work since the early 90's, and is well respected in the underground. Give him a shot. All of his tracks have a buzz and a unique flow.

Thanks for reading!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Next Season

Ok, lets get fucking serious now. If this team ever wants to get back into the race for the cup, they need to get rid of some of the trash. There are a few players who need to go because they suck, and a few because of their attitude.

1. Getzlaf - Great player, horrid attitude.
2. Corey Perry - decent player, gets down on himself and under preforms.
3. Beleskey - Fucking blows.

They spend so much money on players 1 and 2, yet they continue to under preform.

Ducks last home game

Today was the last home game of the Anaheim Ducks, marking the potential end of Selanne's Ducks run. It was a very sad night for everyone.