Thursday, April 5, 2012

A couple gems. Hip-hop

First and foremost, i think its most important to state that i was never really into Hip-Hop and rap, growing up. In fact, i despised it. The mainstream made it look stereotypical and repetitive. Let it be known that hip-hop, is in fact a lifestyle in itself. It's not entirely about the music, but also graffiti, break dancing, the struggle of the lower middle class and feeling a part of something.

Over the past 3 years, i have been exploring this genre. Its as vast as the genres of metal that i grew up on, and cover just as much ground... from political stance to social issues, etc etc.

These are a couple notable artists for me, aside from the guys that initial got the ball rolling for me (Sage Francis, Atmosphere, Murs, Sole, Doseone... etc)

Afu-Ra didn't really make it prime time, but his collaborations with DJ Premier and Guru would get any hip-hop head to give him a shot.

Lastly, Masta Ace has been hard at work since the early 90's, and is well respected in the underground. Give him a shot. All of his tracks have a buzz and a unique flow.

Thanks for reading!